June 2, 2018

VEX Driven Workflows

Now as some already know, on June 6 will be the Houdini HIVE in Utrecht. 

Beside some great Tutors and Artists I am lucky enough to also hold a talk there. 

I am going to speak about how being a developer jumpstarted my learning progress in Houdini and how VEX helped me to understand the overall mechanism of it.

As programmer one of the first exercises we do with a new language is the Hello World programm. A beginner exercise thats meant to show you how the basic syntax of the language works. Now you can still do this in Houdini if you change the question. Instead of "How can you output Hello World" you ask "What different ways are there to output those words".

So I make a quick demo of that which gives an idea how Houdini works with its data.

After that quick intro I want to make an example how you can create versatile setups with VEX in your toolbelt. Especially when it comes to maniupulation in the geometry context. Since my thought process during the VEX Fundamentals course are still fresh in my head I want to share an example on how to manipulate geometry.

One of the benefits of Houdini is it's procedural approach and how you can use a very basic setup to create interesting effects by feeding different sources into a system.

And then when the standard SOP node does not give you the result you need you can always try to create your own version of it. And I do that with a quick demo of a VEX Scatter node to create this result.

I am going to share the HIP File with that Scatter Node with you guys to experiment on it if you like.

I might also make a brief example on how I am using these experiments to build the DK Tool HDA.

With that I transition into the project file of the Pluralsight course because it is full of VEX workflows with some interesting solutions to a given problem. But in the end you have a fully procedural framework to create a Sci Fi Corridor System

With that I hope this will be a fun talk and I see you there!

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