June 20, 2018

VEX Driven Workflows | Houdini Hive Utrecht 2018

On Youtube you can already find the recording of my talk at the Houdini Hive.

Why not the live recording.. because it was crap! xD

Now the other presenters like Tim, Simon and Moritz told me that it was not bad and for a first time showing anything Houdini related infront of a live audience...

But it was definetly not what I would have wanted it to be. I was way too nervous and the dialog I wanted to present was too ambitious to get that down in the short prep time. 

But since I already prepared a recording I can now show you the talk how I planned it to be. And it's also the version SideFX is using. 

Maybe they can send me the live recording and I use it as a gag reel for you to enjoy my nervousness. 😉

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