September 27, 2018

This seems early for that...

I am immensely grateful for the amount of support I got here on patreon. It is rewarding as hell to see that people are ready to put their hard earned money on the counter to demonstrate that support.

Now - while working on the different areas I have floating around - like doing videos, developing assets and keep my own learning going - I tried to came up with a strategy for the future.

The ultimate goal is being able to spent more time with Houdini and VFX in general, keep learning until I bite the dust and take you all with me for the ride.... the learning... not the dust...

For that I am going to give the patreon page a bit more structure, creating some tiers that I flesh out later down the road. 

I have some ideas on how to create interesting early access & exclusive content for you guys while still being able to offer people - that want to learn - free content.

More in the near future!



P.S. I might have to steal unlimited hugs from tier 1. But you still get one each month 😉

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