November 29, 2018

The Railsystem project - an introduction

With this I am introducing a new project of mine - the railsystem. A VEX based setup to create a procedural Rail for a hanging train. It will be able to use any terrain with a simple curve.

This is the introduction to the first chapter where I create the technical foundation. During this phase I am going to solve the main problems that will occur.

 Future chapters may include...

- detailled modelling

- particle/vellum effects for the moving train

- advanced options to populate the system

- suggested systems by patreons


This course goes into production supported by my Auditorium Patreons. So a big thanks to you guys for supporting the project!

Rigel Bowen

Juan Iturbe | Insta: @iturbe3D |

Peter Tong


Mohammed Al Abri


This will be a fieldtest for an idea I had. 

On the one hand it allows me to create an income through my work but I am also able to create content as affordable as possible.

Instead of creating this chapter and selling it I have a tier of patreons that can accompany the process clip by clip. After the chapter is complete the whole 2nd tier and above patreons get access. 

I also added another way to reach the videos. On you can now find a library to the clips where you can access the videos more convinient. The clips are Patreon locked there aswell but as a thank you for longtime patreons I also added another level of access. If your lifetime pledge reached a certain amount you can watch the clips aswell.

For clip 1 this means these people can watch aswell:

- Jeremiah Cook

- Richard Mellor

- Bronic Bednarek

- Adam Pizurny

- Nick Ito

- Stafford Ahartz

- Olaf Finkbeiner

Thank you guys!

For the few that do prefer a download option I probably create an entry on gumroad aswell once the chapter is closed. But in general you will be able to stream the chapter basicly for 3$. 

We will see how this turns out 🙂

I am looking forward to start with the first clip together with my auditorium patreons. I will keep you all updated on the progress. 



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