November 22, 2019

Randomized Transition | Example File - Lerp/Fit

A new file to share.  The idea  for this was to create random transitions foreach point, be it Position, Color or any other attribute.

The trick here is that each point gets assigned it's individual Frame when to start the transition and how long it will take.

It also applies a noise and offset vector to illustrate how you can change the transition attribute which goes from 0 to 1 into other gradients like 1-0-1 or 0-1-0. Here it is used to apply the offset only during the middle of the transition.

Again I added alot of control options. Even though this is just meant as an idea on how to create the random start frames and duration values - it also is a good example on how to utilize the functions Lerp() and Fit() to achieve this.

The setup is very light, doesn't need a solver or a Loop block.

The idea can be utilized for alot of different use cases - forces on particles, strength of constraints etc.

The post goes public after 4 days and I want to add this as an example for the lerp function in the Alexa skill.



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