June 5, 2019

Railproject File Finished

Getting back to work but it is still a bit chaotic now that we have an extra person at home. 🙂 

Some time passed without some details on this so let me give you an update on the rail system. A rough system was ready for quite some time but it was very clunky. Meaning I was not satisfied with the logic that places the objects.

I reworked that whole system and can now say that it is at a good place now.

Here some of the features I updated:

Before I had a random choice of what should be placed as long very basic conditions apply. Now I integrated a weight system that lets you give certain elements a higher chance of being picked. It still allows the random approach while giving you more control if you need it.

The next area is the UI - here you have the option to create a template while always having the option to change settings for the individual element type.

All elements interact with each other- like connections between them. Changing the parameters of one object type has direct influence on those areas aswell. 

The support distribution system was my main concern. In the past, I only looked at a point if it had no support and slapped something on there. Which looked ok on a glance but it was flawed. For just one point without support, it might create a big a$% tower. 

So I tweaked that system to take into account how each element will affect the area. Together with the weighted chance parameters it makes alot more sense.

As you can see the modelling is very crude and simpel but there will be technical details that allows for procedural modelling. The rail geometry and the train are individual parts but they still can connect with each other.

The recording is again on its way and I looking forward to show you more of the project.

If you have any questions for this project let me know.



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