September 10, 2018

Quick Tip #1

This one just made me facepalm myself because I created a scattering in the DK Tool asset and I didn't notice this quick way to scatter points. I guess it is too simple in a way that it can hide in plain sight. At least it did for me at first. 

Let's say you want to scatter points inside a box. What do you do?  IsoOffset and Scatter right?

That's the standard setup most people use - and there is nothing wrong with it. But it can be a bit tedious if you have to change a few things. The size of the area is defined in the box node, the amount of points in the scatter and if you don't want points outside the border of your box you even have to go back to the isoOffset and increase divisions.

But if you just want to create points in that space doing that in one wrangle is easier as I first assumed. All you really need is one wrangle with one line.

The Tip is:

Rand() not only creates random values but random vectors with 0 to 1 on each axis. Fit01() then allows you to change the position and size of that box to whatever you need.

If you use that in a numbers wrangle you can edit your parameters for size and pointamount in one node.


Create a Numbers Wrangle - add a point - but for the position use rand() on the element number (@elemnum) and use fit01 to get a vector in the range your box would be. 

And you can build on this - create vector channels ( chv("min" ) and control the box with sliders. Use math functions to create abstract and dynamic ranges. The possibilites are endless 😉

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