February 6, 2019

Python stuff, Page stuff, Redshift stuff - mainly stuff

Hey folks,

I am getting the hang of python and while I already edited the first python video I already build a 2nd tool since it felt to belong together.

Both python tools are going to be included into the tool asset. The first run is already implemented. 

So the first tool is a randomized import of all your files while also creating the nodetree to create a simple copy to points setup. You only need to press one button. The basics of this would be very useful for a greeble setup.

The 2nd tool is similar but goes a slightly different direction. Instead of copying random files on points it checks the files in that directory and creates a loop for the files it found and displays all of them in a grid shape. 

This would come in handy if you want to display a whole kitbash library without setting up all the file nodes. And while writing this I remembered that i have the motiondesign pack from VideoCopilot and tested it right away.

 Which first made me cringe because it reminded me that some files have different sizes making it not possible to see the smaller ones. That means I had to normalize the sizes - and while I was thinking about how that worked again I remembered... I added that to the tool asset and just used that! xD

Something that I want to do next as a tool is using defined material presets and the given geometry groups to auto generate the materials in the mat context. That should speed up the process of making geometry Redshift ready.

On that note - I am doing this currently for youtube and it is not really a python introduction but rather a showcase of whats possible. If people are interested I can also do a proper introduction to python in Houdini as soon as I have done enough research. 

But in terms of helpful tools I am always open to your suggestions! 

The other thing I wanted to share is that I am currently working on adding a better option to share the current version of assets for the different tiers. Like with the Railsystem course clips it is propably way easier to get to the page and find a direct link to it.

For the HIP files I think that I adobt Farmfields method of the early access and then making the post & file available to everyone. It just spams your feeds if I always do separate posts for hip files.  And people are always happy over freebies. 

But would you guys prefer finding HIP files over the page aswell? Some kind of tagged library? (Expecting to have a continously growing library)

So I continue working and wish you guys & gals a good day!



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