September 25, 2019

Preview for Tool Asset v 1.1

It just so happened that I was interested in some areas, did the research and created the prototypes for it. 

All of these will be added to the tool asset as new features.

Since I am building a more sophisticated version to work together with crowds I still want to add the basic approach of the A* pathfinding into the tool. I shared some images recently.

The next thing I explored was the cardioid - it just happended to pop up when I did some more work with polar coordinates. Playing with the options you get interesting shapes like this.

And of course the next logical step from this was finally look at the mandelbrot set. I always wanted to explore that but never got to it. But now was the time and I am happy I did. It is a very interesting phenomenon.

The tool will have options to play with displacement according to the values.

Entagma did a video about this topic a while ago. There is a source for a fairly good approach to turn the the mandelbrot into 3d - creating a mandelbulp. This aswell will be another option.



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