March 26, 2019

Perlin Noise Research

Slowly the dust settles I am able to spare some time for creative thoughts again.

I wanted to recreate some coding around perlin noise in Houdini and got sidetracked into playing with these numbers.

This might be a good idea to do a few things at once. I wanted to do some pdg content like create a top network around my corridor project to visualize the different seeds. That worked quite nicely and now would make it even more interesting to bring this over to Unreal.

But on the same note the perlin noise logic has a giant range of possible applications. Instead of just changing the position of the points i kept generating new ones which in the end results in a more complex geometry.

From here on you can do alot like reducing values over time

Or just create a ramp to drive different values with it

That aswell could be interesting with a top network around it to create alot of different designs. 

The result of the perlin noise is supposed to create a looping noise for whatever you want to use it. It doesn't have to be the position. It could be any attribute. The result will be packed into a little asset again available for the gang. Maybe I have a prototype up for the dev team by tomorrow.



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