November 15, 2019

Particle Forcefield | Example File - Cross

Hey folks,

this is the first of hopefully many entries. For one I wanted to share some ideas with people. Just simple ideas like this vex based forcefield effect. 

A buddy of mine was wondering how you would approach it in vex, knowingly ignoring stuff like the obstacle steering node. 

This approach uses the cross product which makes it a good example for the cross function.    

 I am going to go with Farmfields example and share these files with you guys first and make it public after 4 days. But I also add this as a file that the Alexa Skill can send you if you ask for that function. Slowly building a library.

Since this is based on Vex it is very easy to create different behavior with simple changes of the parameters. 

A simple but versatile setup. 

I also tried to set a good standard for offering control for the setup. Let me know what you think.



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