November 7, 2020

Override and Delete | DK Wrangle v0.2

This was easier then I though and I managed to build these two options in a few hours. And mainly since I needed to look up python dictionaries.

So the smallest change is that the About tab is now a collapsible folder. That solves the empty space when the other 2 are closed.

The first real improvement was done to the Save Entry function.

Before it would just append the new entry, even if you already have it with that name, category and context. Now it checks if that entry exists and gives you a print that the Entry already exists, without making a change. 

In case you want to deliberately override an existing entry there is now a button Override Entry that does that. The code and the description will be updated with the content from the UI.

But the best way for quick updates is now also added to the load from file section. We already have context, category and name selected, so we can quickly do something with these.

Override behaves like the before described button, with the difference that only the code is updated. 

And delete does just that. The entry is deleted.

With these new functions you should be able to do most editing without ever opening the JSON file itself. 

Editing Context and Categories needs a bit more thought but I will add those later as well. But edit and delete on the entries seemed to be more important anyway.

Switching a given entry to another category or even context might also be helpful.

Later down the road, having in mind that you gather hundreds of codings, it might also be usefull to implement some kind of search.

The new version follows in a patreon exclusive post.



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