September 28, 2018

New Tier Summary

As you may have noticed I reworked the tiers, added a few more and wrote basic descriptions to them.

So here is a bit more detail to what I have in mind with the tiers, patreon and the future.  

Now - it was an interesting experience to sit down and work on a long form course for a client. And that's what pluralsight is at that point - your client. 

As interesting as that was - for future content I want to keep more freedom during the process. Be able to share what I want and use the tools that I want to use. 

The only outside factor that should have a voice are the people that are interested in the content - you!

The other issue I had with creating a course which will at the end be behind a paywall - I can't use it as free content. Creating content is time demanding in itself. Add family, work and sport to that you better like the taste of coffee. Luckily I do but you still get trouble with time management. 

Not to mention that there are many who just started to learn and they just can't throw money at a course. So I still want to be able to create free content.

So here is my attempt to do it.  Of course one reason for multiple tiers is to offer easy levels of pledges but it also allowes me to include you in the content creation.  

Tier 1 - The Community 

What the community on tier 1 is should be straight forward. I see everyone that supports me in any way as part of a community. I am thankful to each and everyone of you. 

I am going to share updates on stuff I am working on, early acess to the youtube content and general quick tips. Especially when it comes to "Ways to do____" tips you are invited to add your ideas. I think many of those ideas and conversations result in a video at some point. If you don't mind it I put you in that video as the one with the idea.

Tier 2 - The Gang     

I love working on tools. The creative process of solving problems. That's one of the reasons I became a developer. In Houdini I can take that, make an asset from that and suddenly it's an HDA that others can use or simply dissect to see how that version of doing it worked.

So tool creation is something I want to emphasize alot more. The tool asset started on this tier and it will stay here. But also all the tools that follow in the future - as soon as they reach v1.0 they will be available on this tier.

But even though I don't think that I create a course for pluralsight I still think it is an interesting content for people to consume. Although 7h was a bit long. So I was thinking about creating mini "courses". Basicly short video series with diggestable clips about a specific topics. Maybe 1h in Total. When these bundles are finished you get access to them on this tier as well.  

While finished assets will always stay exclusive for this tier I want to share the video content at some point for free so everyone can watch no matter the budget. 

Tier 3 - The Dev Team

This might be a bit of trial and error at the beginning. When developing a tool there are often decisions to make to guide the final outcome of it. I want to get you involved in that process. As the one developing a tool you often lose the perspective of the one using the tool. 

While this is obviously a tier for more financial support I also hope to create a medium here that allows you to shape tools that you actually would like to have.

Tier 4 - The Auditorium

Fancy name right? This is now moving to a more sponsering kind of tier. When I am in the process of creating said mini courses, let's say one aspect of the crowd tool. The whole thing might consist of 4-6 videos. As soon as I have one clip finished you get access to it. Only when the series is complete the rest of the gang can throw their eyeballs at it. During that process you are invited to help guide the ongoing process. What has to be covered or bring in questions that come up. 

But either way each clip goes through your critical view and judgement which makes you basicly to co-creators of that content - if you chose to do so. At the very least you have a special place in the credits.

Tier 5 - Sponsor

This is full blown sponsorship where I want to provide some feats that are of interest. I am going to add a sponser section into my videos I place you, your logo and your social media Tags. In the video description you get a spot for Names and URL aswell. That counts for all the content I am creating during the time of your pledge. If nothing gets released in that time it gets applied into the next content that goes out.

In addtion to that I am creating a Sponsor Page on my Website. And I think of it more of a Sponsor Gallery where you can not only be listed with name and link but also with a piece of your work. That may be your demoreel or an image about your brand.

I have to make sure that it's appropiate content to post online but other than that you have the choice. Again this will stay active for the duration of you pledge.

So let's see where this will lead us over time. At the very least I get to share what I do with people. I am looking forward to what this all will become and the experience it brings with it.




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