January 6, 2020

Happy new Year!

Hello folks, 

I hope everyone is well and reached the new year in one piece. 

2020 is going to be another busy year. So let me give you a quick update on things. 

My new workstation is up and running. Powered by a Ryzen 9 3950x and a RTX 2070 Super. The machine packs a punch and it handles big projects with ease.

Some issues with the case and its own fan hub but it seems to work fine.

With that new system I started to convert the rail to H18 and add the necessary updates to make it work. Introducing rotation required some additional constraints to the system. But I should be through that phase soon enough. 

Even though I started to make unreal a part of this project it would be to early for me to make it a big pillar of it. I will pack it all into an hda and load it into the engine but I am not going to spend too much time on polishing. 

The focus lies on the procedural concepts that turns a simple curve into the rail while creating tunnels, support elements, gates and the train dependung on what you feed into the systems parameters.

Instead of my old approach where I work on one clip at one time I am going to do bulk recordings of the creation process and do the narration in bulk aswell - hopefully bringing this to the finishline before AI took over the 3D industry anyway. xD


On another note - I also started to work on a big video as a foundation to "Getting started with VEX" which packs the content of a whole course into one video. I want to have something that I can refer to if I get asked again. 🙂



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