June 29, 2018

Greeble function - DK Tool Asset v0.2

I worked a bit on the greeble functionality and added an interface to control it. 

Now I want to do a bit more work on the other functions and then create some videos about the asset and show how you can use it. But I still want to get this out to you guys since v0.1 was not really useful when it came to the greeble.

So let me give you a quick rundown of the current controls. You find the Greeble under Primitive and there you can choose to activate it. Here you can:

- use only the Split mechanic

- change the result of the split

- change the chance of a split happen per primitive

- if a split happens one random cut or a grid cut (Number of splits > 1 will increase the piece count dramaticly  

In the next section you can change the behaviour of the greeble extrude itself. 

- Change scale of the extrusion

- if wanted you can use a bevel on each piece

- change the inset

- change the color

And this is probably the most important part. A greeble without something to copy on top of the primitives just doesn't look interesting. Here you can control how often you want stuff to be copied on top...

- with what chance

- which scale 

And if you use simple geometry like shown above you can use an additional scale factor for further extrusion 

What you are going to put into the system is decided on the Sub Geometry Input Tab

There are also some experimental things in it. You can put some primitives into a group and that Group will not be split, but still used for the rest.

The random divide is even more crazy - it uses a voronoi noise to select grid patterns and tries to apply a divide sop that removes the shared edges. This will also force the system to split the geometry differently.

And finally you can still use the outgoing data for further processing. All extruded surfaces can be selected by a group.

I post the link to that file for the oatreons shortly.



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