January 29, 2020

Going on a Rampage! (public)


This one was came very sudden since Rohan asked for a tool to be even lazier than before.

 He wanted a tool to banish the last line of vex that he can't get rid of. 🙂

@Cd.x = chramp

Feeding a ramp into the color channel for further processing. That sparked the idea for this small utility asset and its perfect name. 

The idea is to be able to feed any attribute into any attribute while using a curve to manipulate the result.

This is the first prototype and works for point attributes using floats or vectors. The tricky thing is that you don't know what type the attribute has and you have to react accordingly.

I assume the most common use would be to take the resulting value as a displacement or scale attribute for nodes like PolyExtrude.

The first iteration is available for the Dev Team to do some testing. I clean it up and let the gang have it. 



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