December 4, 2019

Flatten and Wrap | Example file - PrimUV( )

A new file based around the function primuv. 

I think I first saw this on a blog written by Toadstorm. He used it to wrap a particle sim around a can.

And since we are now in H18 I throw in the 2 wonderfull new versions of bend and sweep to create this example. 

First we need to create clean UVs on the tube. To do that I start with a grid where I can simply project UVs. Then I bend it to a tube. 

After that the tube gets moved to it's UV space. I did that with a wrangle and a lerp so you can play with the value and see how the geo morphs into the flatten shape.

Now with the flatten grid you can do almost everything. Do a particle sim, scatter points, paint it. Whatever you do - in the end you use the primuv function to save the data from the flatten shape and use the UV data from the tube to transform whatever pattern you created and wrap it around the tube.

In my case I made an example with color and created a pattern of polylines that I ... SWEEPED with the new tool creating UVs on it at the same time. Brilliant new tool.

The post goes public after 4 days. I hope you guys like it!

Edit: Before anyone says it - doing this to morph polylines is not the best example. You could just scatter the points on the tube directly but I liked the approach alot. And it is useable for alot more than this.  😉  



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