November 5, 2018

DK Tool v0.3 - Superformula

With the last video I also have updated the build from the tool asset to version 0.3. I added the superformula as a tool which turned out to be more powerfull then I expected. So here is a quick rundown on what the new function is capable of.

Like in the video about the superformula you can now very easily generate a 2D Plot of the formula.


But after a comment I added a simple but very interesting feature into this tool. You can now chose to turn the 2D version into a 3D version.

The way I did this offers more customization options. I used a clip and feeded the remaining curve into a revolve sop. That allows you to for example use an open arc to reveal the inside of the new geometry.

And it gets even more interesting if you change the clip distance. This results in negative space inside of the geometry which may be a good use for decorative details on pillars and such.

Since I needed that functionality you also can specify one point to use an additional transform.

Which then of course also reflects in the 3D version

It would be not that difficult to cahnge this to use a specified pointgroup if you have a use case for that.

I hope you like the new function and have fun with it. (Asset Download follows)

If you have questions about the asset let me know!



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