May 30, 2018

Development of DK Tool HDA

This project is something I was thinking for a while now. 

Since I like creating VEX solutions I am going to build up a library of functions that I would want to use again and again but without having to write the wrangles all over again. 

There are multiple ways on doing that. I can include a file at the beginning of each wrangle which allows to use custom functions. But that could get annoying if I only want to create a single thing. 

2nd - I could create a plugin with the HDK. Much more elegant but needs some extra work. Read up on the compiling process and so on.

3rd Option and the way I decided to do it. Create an HDA people can just install and use the functions with a user interface.

Functions like the Normalization of Geometry covered in one of my videos are implemented and can be used simply by using its Toggle.

I start with a small collection of helpful functions which get updated going forward. You can download the HDA and and obviously use regardless if you stay a patreon or not. This thing will grow over time although I don't know yet where the journey will take us.

But the first bigger thing for sure will be a version of the greeble tool. I am currently working on the finishing touches and also creating a user interface to control it from the top.

On that tier you will always have access on the latest build.

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