December 8, 2020

Cyberpunk Houdini to Unreal Series

The latest poll on the topic showed a clear picture that you guys - like me - think this could be an interesting project.

Let me show the baseline of this project which will soon start as my first real exclusive patreon series on  the auditorium tier. 

This is a still of the original pack. A very well crafted scene. Everything is placed by hand by the creator of this pack to build a very convincing cyberpunk vibe. 

At first I got this scene to have an interesting environment to showcase my AI experiments. But I want to do more then just use this scene now. I have these assets at my disposal. Walls, Floors, Decals and interesting pieces that make the scene work.

After some back and forth I decided to let the main input for the asset that makes this, to be a BSP block in unreal. You create a big box and then cut holes into it so that you end up with a street layout.

This is what the Houdini side will work with to make all of its operations. Find points for Asphalt, sidewalk, walls, corners, upper floors and additional details.

At this stage I think I am at a point where I can present the result. There are still minor errors and some ugly solutions but overall it is something to start with. It does not have the size of the Railsystem but it has alot of potential. But before going to much further I want to get this series going. See if you guys are interested and enjoy the first steps into unreal.

Even though i am just using the barebones of the asset lists to make the street happen - it is already an interesting sight. 

Also it will be a perfect scene for the AI experiments. 

I hope I got you curious and interested in this series.



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