David Kahl

Programmer, VFX Artist, Tutor

I am a Software Developer and VFX Artist based in Germany. Houdini has allowed me to combine my experience in 3D and scripting, taking both to new heights. I have a passion for sharing what I have learned and try my best to make a difference in the community.

It did not take long for me to stumple upon Houdini. And it just clicked right away. This was the stuff I was looking for.  Not only was Houdini a strong 3D Package that was capable of almost everything I was interested in – it also had an entry point perfect for me and my background. Its own build in programming language called VEX.

With my occupation as a SAP Developer and Consultant I was looking for something more to learn. Curiosity made me start digging into visual effects. It was a long time goal of mine to do this and my first baby steps like many others were fooling around in After Effects, Blender and other Softwares. That immediatly started a passion for learning creating… but also sharing. Right from the start I also created a youtube channel. First just as an experiment and to document my progress but it also developed into something more.

I continue my VFX Journey through Houdini constantly learning, creating and teaching.